A young person with lymphoma

Lymphoma is the most common group of cancers in teenagers and young adults (15-24 years old). Every year in the UK, more than 500 teenagers and young people are diagnosed. If you are a young person with lymphoma, you may not know anyone else your age who has had cancer, but you are not alone. On this page, you can learn more about lymphoma, hear from other young people affected by a lymphoma diagnosis, and find out how to get involved to raise awareness. 


Information and advice

Being diagnosed with lymphoma can be scary. That's why we offer information and advice designed to help you feel less vulnerable, more in control, and more confident so you can cope well with your diagnosis.

Ellie and Rebeka

Young person's YouTube playlist

Our dedicated YouTube playlist includes personal videos from young people as well as professionals and covers university, Young Persons' Units in hospitals, and talking to friends and family about lymphoma. 

Adam in New York

Lymphoma in children and young people

Read our information about lymphoma in children and young people (up to 24 years old), intended for parents of children with lymphoma and teenagers and young adults with lymphoma.

Support for you

We're the only UK charity dedicated to lymphoma and we're here for you at every step - providing information you can trust and connecting you to others who have gone through a similar experience.  

Sway pictured in London

Young people's personal stories

Read personal stories from young people who have been affected by lymphoma. Learn how they coped with diagnosis, treatment, studying and working, and adapting to life after lymphoma. 

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Chat online

Our online community forum is a safe space where you can share your emotions and experiences, ask questions and connect with others going through a similar lymphoma experience.  

Working after cancer

Working after cancer

If you're returning to work after a lymphoma diagnosis, watch our videos to learn about your legal rights, how to explain gaps in your CV, when to mention lymphoma in a job application, and how to talk about cancer in a job interview. 

Did you know?

In May 2018, we asked more than 600 young people (aged 16-26) what they knew about lymphoma. 

  • 2/5


    2/5 of the young people we asked had never heard of lymphoma. 

  • 57%


    Just 57% of the young people we asked knew lymphoma is a type of cancer. 

  • 6%


    Only 6% thought lymphoma was the most common type of cancer in their age group. 

Get involved

Whether it's by volunteering, raising funds, or raising awareness, you can help us ensure no one has to face their lymphoma alone. 

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Raise funds to help people affected by lymphoma in a way that suits you and your interests, or sign up for one of our fundraising events and take on a challenge of a lifetime!

Callum holding a Lymphoma Matters poster

Raise awareness

Help us raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of lymphoma. Download or order our materials and spread the word in your school, uni, workplace, gym -  anywhere you can think of! 

Lymphoma Lights Squad


Donate your time, expertise, or creative skills and help us reach even more young people so they know the signs and symptoms of lymphoma and where to go to for information and support.