World Cancer Day 2019

I Am and I Will - you are the hero of this campaign. Start a conversation about cancer today with your family, friends, colleagues and networks.

World Cancer Day orange logo

Today is #WorldCancerDay - a time to show support, raise awareness and unite together. Lymphoma is the most common blood cancer in the UK and someone is diagnosed every 27 minutes. 

The theme for World Cancer Day 2019 is #IAmAndIWill to encourage supporters to contribute their own message - recognising the power that each of us has to use our voices and make a positive impact. We are so grateful to everyone that shares their lymphoma story with us and helps raise awareness of the 5th most common cancer in the UK - you are all heroes to us. 

Our commitment is that we are here for everyone affected by lymphoma and we will be there for as long as you need us.
So what is your story? What will you do this year? Please share your commitment with us.