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Updated information on clinical trials

Published on: 20 December 2022

Latest information About clinical trials and Questions about clinical trials

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We have recently revised our information About clinical trials, and updated our Questions about clinical trials. On these updated web pages, you can find out more about clinical trials, and use the list of questions as a guide to things to ask and consider if you are thinking of entering a clinical trial. We also cover the most commonly asked questions on this topic.

You can also watch videos on the About clinical trials page which cover:

  • The different types of clinical trials used in lymphoma research
  • The different phases of clinical trials
  • What happens if you take part in a clinical trial
  • Possible advantages and disadvantages of taking part in a clinical trial
  • The staff who might look after you.

You might also find Lymphoma TrialsLink, our clinical trials information service, useful. 

Our medical information -  did you know?

Our medical information is evidence-based, approved by experts and reviewed by users. By keeping up-to-date with latest developments, we ensure that our information stays relevant and reflects current practice. 

We do this by reviewing our medical information regularly, and typically within a 3-year period. We also make updates if things change or move forward before a planned review. 

In producing our information, Lymphoma Action writers work with professionals who have current knowledge, experience and expertise in the relevant field. Our information is also reviewed by lay people who consider whether the information answers all the questions they may have on a subject in a format that is straightforward to understand.

Our medical information is accredited to the Patient Information Forum (PIF) quality mark, which indicates we produce trustworthy health information. 

Published: 20 December 2022