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Updated active monitoring book

Published on: 10 April 2024

Our latest book is now available to download or order for free.

Three copies of the Active monitoring book on a wooden table. The book has a pink cover with periwinkle design and Lymphoma Action logo. Title of book is Active monitoring (watch and wait) for lymphoma.

We’ve updated our Active monitoring (watch and wait) for lymphoma book. It has a fresh new look, the most up-to-date information, and new personal experience quotes from people affected by lymphoma.

Not everyone with lymphoma needs treatment straightaway. For some types of lymphoma, there is no benefit in having treatment if the lymphoma is not causing problems. Instead, you have regular check-ups to monitor how the lymphoma is affecting you. This is called active monitoring.

This may not be what you were expecting as it is different to treating many other types of cancer. It can be difficult knowing you have lymphoma but that you’re not having treatment for it. This can take some time to understand and adjust to.

This book explains what active monitoring is and why it might be recommended for you. It also covers what to expect from your appointments and offers tips on coping well.

This book can be used alongside our Living with and beyond lymphoma book which gives tips on coping practically, physically and emotionally.

You can download or order a free copy of the book from our website.

We like to give this booklet out to everyone that is on active monitoring as it helps explain how people can use the time positively, giving pointers on what people can do to strengthen their own physical and mental health, as well as explaining what we as health professionals should be doing to make sure this period of non-treatment is still an “active” time.

Charlotte Bloodworth, Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Haematology


To be told that you have cancer, and that you're not going to be treated immediately, can be difficult to get your head around.  This book contains clear information that helps you to rationalise the Active Monitoring approach, answers questions that come to mind after you've left the consultation room, and guides you to the questions that you need to ask next time!

Mark, diagnosed with follicular lymphoma