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Set up a Tribute Space

Remember someone special by creating a lasting online tribute.

A Lymphoma Action Tribute Space is a wonderful way to cherish the memory of a loved one.

These spaces can provide great comfort and support. They allow friends and family to come together to share photos and memories, leave messages of comfort and make donations from fundraising activity. You can choose if you want to make the space private or public and it will remain open for however long you want.

The Tribute Space is easy to use, lovely to share with others. They're a safe and comforting place that bring the opportunity to quietly reflect and remember loved ones. I would definitely recommend setting one up.

June Cook, set up a Tribute Space in her Husband's memory
Looking for an existing tribute space? Simply search here. 

Watch this video from MuchLoved to hear from people who have set up a Tribute Space to remember a loved one.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Tribute Space?
A Tribute Space is an online page where you can express memories of a loved one through words, pictures, music and video. Family and friends can contribute by posting their memories and you can remember special moments and occasions by leaving messages, stories, thoughts or lighting candles.

How do I set up a Tribute Space?
Setting up a fund takes only a few minutes using the form above.

What can I do with my Tribute Space?
After setting up your space you can start adding your words, pictures, videos and music. This can include stories, thoughts, virtual candles and a personal diary. You’re also able to fundraise for Lymphoma Action by creating sponsored events and inviting friends and family to make donations.

What changes can I make to my Tribute Space?
You can add, delete and amend everything you upload to your page, as often as you want. You are in control of what is posted on the page and how often you add to it is entirely up to you.

What’s the difference between a private and public Tribute Space?
A private space can be for your own use only, or for a select few – it is not accessible to the general public. A public space can be viewed by anyone. You can change between a private and public space as many times as you like.

To find out more, call our In Memory team on 01296 619400 or email - we’d love to hear from you.

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