Raveen's volunteering story

Raveen shares her experience as a young volunteer.


I started volunteering with Lymphoma Action in 2019, 6 months after being in remission for lymphoma. I decided to join this tremendous organisation to raise awareness following my recovery. Being a young person misdiagnosed on two occasions by my local GP, I knew I wanted to make others aware so that they do not overlook their symptoms or let their cancer progress to a later stage.

I had never heard of lymphoma prior to being diagnosed, let alone that Hodgkin lymphoma was a common cancer amongst my age group of 16 to 24 year olds. I therefore aim to educate and provide a positive light where possible because for me, my cancer experience has shaped the woman I am today.

I want to make a change in this world, be more proactive and help others make the best out of their situation.

I enjoy the amount of involvement I have as a volunteer that allows me to feel very valued and part of a team. I think this is especially important as I have gone through the motions of cancer, so I respect how Lymphoma Action gives importance to my experience.

I'd say to anyone thinking of volunteering to join the team because it is the most valuable experience. There is an opportunity for everyone; the writers, readers, speakers, event organisers and fundraisers. Get involved in helping to make lymphoma a more talked about cancer through this remarkable charity!

I love the range of volunteer roles available which allows me to help in areas I am comfortable with, for example writing and reviewing, whilst also pushing me out of my comfort zone through presenting and speaking to groups of people.