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New 'Young person's guide to lymphoma' book

Published on: 25 July 2023

The 2023 edition of our Young person’s guide to lymphoma is now available.

Young persons guide to lymphoma book

We’ve updated our Young person’s guide to lymphoma. It gives information about what lymphoma is and how it's treated, as well as tips to help you live well, with and beyond lymphoma.

If you're a young person affected by lymphoma, you are not alone. Lymphoma is the most common cancer in teenagers and young adults (15 to 24 years old), and every year in the UK, more than 500 teenagers and young people are diagnosed. We're here to give information and support so that you don't have to face lymphoma alone.

In the Young person's guide to lymphoma, you'll find:

  • information about tests and scans you might have, and treatment types that you might be offered
  • tips to help when you're going through treatment, including staying in hospital and coping with side effects
  • wellbeing check-ins, which focus on your emotional wellbeing
  • suggestions for talking to friends and family 
  • answers to some of the questions you might have about day-to-day life, like if it’s OK to drink alcohol, diet, use make-up and hair dye, exercise, or travel to another country
  • ideas for things to think about as you readjust to life after treatment, including returning to work or studies, starting a family, and following a healthy lifestyle
  • quotes from young people who share their first-hand experiences of living with and beyond lymphoma.
Lymphoma Action's Young person's guide to lymphoma helped me through a very challenging time when I was diagnosed in my teens. I'm 27 now and happily in remission. 
Ellie, diagnosed with lymphoma at 15
This is a fabulous resource for young people who have been diagnosed with lymphoma.
Hanna Simpson, Specialist Teenage and Young Adult Community Liaison Nurse Team Leader

The new edition of our Young person’s guide to lymphoma is now available to download or order for free from our shop.