New Blood Cancer Dashboard

Collaborating to make blood cancer data visible.

Make Blood Cancer Visible

Through the Blood Cancer Alliance, we have been working in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Janssen and other blood cancer organisations to develop a new Blood Cancer Dashboard.

It has been difficult to find data and information relating to blood cancer and lymphoma. Public Health England (PHE) collect a considerable amount of data but it is not always very accessible. The NHS England and Public Health England online cancer dashboard only includes data on the four most common cancers in the UK; breast, colorectal, lung and prostate.

The Blood Cancer Dashboard is the first time that blood cancer data has been brought together and presented in a way that can be analysed, compared and contrasted.

This is a really positive step for everyone affected by blood cancer and we hope the data and evidence will help us develop further services for people affected by lymphoma - as well as support key messages around the importance of early diagnosis and access to treatment and psychological support.
Stephen Scowcroft, Director of Operations and External Affairs

The Blood Cancer Dashboard has been developed to help underpin service improvement in blood cancer and achieve the aims set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.

It brings together existing blood cancer (haematological cancer) data and allows the user to make comparisons with the data on the other four most common cancers in the UK, as well between Cancer Alliances. This data is provided at national (England), Cancer Alliance and NHS Trust (waiting times) level across seven key domains:

  • Incidence
  • Mortality
  • Prevalence
  • Route to diagnosis
  • Time to diagnosis
  • Waiting time
  • Survival

The data included in the dashboard will be monitored on an ongoing basis and updated to reflect new data releases.

27 September 2019