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National study into late effects of Hodgkin lymphoma to double in size

The National Cohort Study researching late effects of Hodgkin lymphoma treatment will be the largest study of its kind in the world

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The Institute of Cancer Research, in cooperation with NHS hospitals, is doubling the size of a national study researching the late effects of Hodgkin lymphoma in women treated before the age of 36.

Late effects are health problems that appear months or years after lymphoma treatment has finished. They include conditions such as heart problems or second cancers, which can be more likely to happen in people who have been treated for cancer than in the general population.

Because there can be a long time between treatment ending and a problem appearing, it can take many years to understand fully the potential late effects a treatment can have. Modern lymphoma treatments are designed to limit the risks of future health problems. The treatments used today are expected to have a much lower risk of late effects than those used in the past. However, this can only be confirmed after the treatments have been used for several years.

The Institute of Cancer Research study aims to improve doctors’ and patients’ understanding of the long-term and late effects of different types of Hodgkin lymphoma treatment. This information can be used to help identify people who are at risk of particular late effects to make sure they have the most appropriate treatment, screening and follow-up.

This will be the largest study of its kind in the world, aiming to collect and analyse information from 9,000 women treated for Hodgkin lymphoma in England and Wales. It has full national ethical and confidentiality approval.

Although this study does not directly recruit people to participate, many other studies and clinical trials do. For more information on clinical trials and studies, including what they are and how they work, visit Lymphoma TrialsLink. You can also use our searchable database to find a trial or study that might be suitable for you.