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National Cancer Survivors Day 2023

Published on: 2 June 2023

Raising awareness of cancer’s impact and celebrating those living with cancer

Purple background with white text reading 'National Cancer Survivors Day' with cancer ribbon

This Sunday is National Cancer Survivors Day, a day where we recognise the effect of cancer on people’s lives.

‘Surviving’ cancer can mean different things to different people. For some, it might mean reaching remission, where there’s no sign of their cancer after treatment. For others, it could be adjusting to their ‘new normal’ after treatment.

Treatment for many types of lymphoma is usually effective, and it can be common for people to live with lymphoma for many years. Over the years, lots of research has been done to improve the cancer treatments available to those with lymphoma. Doctors and scientists are always working to make cancer treatments as effective as possible, and people are now living longer after diagnosis. 

In addition to the treatment of the lymphoma itself, doctors are also looking at ways of reducing any side effects or late effects of treatment. This means that more people have a better quality of life after finishing lymphoma treatment. 

Our support services are here for anyone affected by lymphoma, including after their treatment has ended.

  • Our Live your Life programme is designed for people who have just finished treatment or who are on active monitoring, to help them adjust to their new normal and support them to live well with and beyond lymphoma.
  • Our series of Lymphoma Voices podcasts offer conversations with either a medical expert or someone who is personally affected by lymphoma. For example, John speaks about his experience of lymphoma that started nearly 50 years ago.
  • Our suite of personal stories has lots of stories from different people affected by lymphoma. For example, Leo tells his story about how one lymphoma diagnosis led to a confirmation of a separate lymphoma diagnosis almost 30 years earlier.

However you are affected by lymphoma, we are here to support you. If you feel you want to talk to someone, you can get in touch through our freephone helpline 0808 808 5555 and live chat (10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday), or by emailing