A message from our President during Blood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month, and an opportunity to reflect on the events of the past few months. In a message to our supporters, Professor John Radford, President of Lymphoma Action, talks about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people affected by lymphoma, and what healthcare services could look like for people living with a lymphoma diagnosis in the future. 

John Radford

Watch Professor Radford's video here.

The past few months have understandably been a very anxious time for people affected by lymphoma. We are proud that we have been able to continue to provide support and trusted information throughout this challenging time, and we will continue to be there to support anyone affected by lymphoma as we move together towards a ‘new normal.’ Our website will continue to be updated with the latest information relating to COVID-19 and lymphoma, and we have recently launched Distance Aware badges for those who are concerned about staying safe when they are outside their homes now that shielding has been paused in many places across the UK.

As always, our support and information services are available for anyone affected by a lymphoma diagnosis, and our website contains a wealth of information, including details on the symptoms of lymphoma for anyone who is concerned that they may be experiencing symptoms of the condition.

Throughout Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we want to tell as many people as possible about lymphoma. Find out how you can get involved throughout the month in supporting our work and raising awareness of lymphoma as the fifth most common cancer in the UK.