Making our information available to all

International Day of People with Disabilities 2019 is an opportunity to remind people our information is designed for all.

Photo of Watch and wait for lymphoma

Health information can be difficult to understand. Even the word ‘lymphoma’ is complex and poorly understood.

Lymphoma Action want to ensure that all people affected by lymphoma are able to have the information they need. In addition to the information on our website and within our books, we also have a range of Easy Read booklets. These booklets make the complex topic of lymphoma understandable with minimal support. This is achieved by using simple language, large print and supporting all the concepts with bespoke illustrations and photographs. 

We were delighted when our Easy Read booklet, Finding out you have lymphoma, was runner-up in the 'Accessibility' category at the 2019 British Medical Association Patient Information Awards.

These booklets are available without charge via our website and cover:

Finding out you have lymphoma – a simple overview of what lymphoma is and what might happen if you are diagnosed with it

Watch and wait for lymphoma – what happens when you have watch and wait for lymphoma

Treatment for lymphoma – different treatments you might have for lymphoma

After treatment for lymphoma – what happens after you finish treatment for lymphoma.

3 December 2019