Lymphoma Action supports Youth Cancer Europe campaign

Under the banner 'Right To Be Forgotten' Youth Cancer Europe call for EU-wide legislation to end financial discrimination for cancer survivors.

Lymphoma Action staff

Young survivors of cancer have been talking about the impact of a cancer diagnosis, meaning that they may be denied or pay top premium rates for insurance, bank loans or mortgages.


At a European Parliament event in Brussels, Youth Cancer Europe have called for EU-wide legislation to put an end to financial discrimination. Under the banner #RightToBeForgotten, YCE are campaigning that cancer survivors should not have to declare their diagnosis to insurance firms or loan agencies after a period of ten years after their treatment has ended.


On the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme, Youth Cancer Europe explained how 'those given the all-clear from cancer still face a lifetime penalty of expensive travel insurance.' They went on to say: 'To put it in perspective, convicted persons in the European Union have their criminal record expired within several years after serving the sentence.'


Stephen Scowcroft, head of business development at Lymphoma Action says: 'Problems buying travel insurance are a particular issue for people affected by lymphoma. It's often the case that after the experience of diagnosis and treatment, people are in a position to reward themselves with travel.'