Join our webinar which will identify ways to self-manage your condition

Join Lymphoma Action and Leukaemia Care for a joint webinar on Wednesday 30 September at 11am

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There are various stages in someone's blood cancer experience that can present particular challenges, times of distress, and changes, and we propose looking at these stages, the common issues and some of the support and strategies that can be helpful to put in place both from a healthcare professional and an individual's perspective.

We will be joined by Consultant Haematologist, Dr Prem Mahendra, Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Barbara von Barsewisch and people with personal experience of lymphoma and leukaemia.

The webinar will be helpful for:

  • people with lymphoma at any stage of diagnosis and ongoing management and beyond.
  • family, friends and carers of people with lymphoma
  • healthcare professionals seeking to expand knowledge and practice.

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