Jayne talks about her lymphoma diagnosis and how much she enjoyed attending a Live your Life workshop. 

Jayne photo

In 2010 I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma stage 4, had an emergency splenectomy followed by 8 rounds of R-CVP then two maintenance years of Rituximab. I am very lucky to be generally very well and live life to the full. 

Day to day my lymphoma sits in the cupboard - but just now and again it pops out and you do wonder if/what? Someone described it as ‘the cancer that keeps on giving’ haha and I think that’s such a great way to describe it.

So when I was sent the details of Live your Life workshop from Lymphoma Action I was very keen to attend - especially as it was so close to where I live. 

I’m not sure what I really thought I would get out of the day but just knew I wanted to go. Lymphoma Action have been such an  instrumental support network to me throughout my diagnosis/treatment journey, in many ways but particularly the invaluable information available which helps make sense of the disease/treatment process.

The workshop was excellent being both informative and reaffirming. Being with people who were all in the same situation as me, albeit at very different stages was wonderful. The workshop coordinators are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. The whole day was just totally refreshing, reminding me how important it is to be empowered with up to date lymphoma information. It was so helpful focusing on setting/implementing personal goals to help maintain a healthy life, living with lymphoma. It was also an opportunity to consider and reflect on how lucky we are to be able to live a full life with this malignancy, something I never thought would be the case in the very early days of diagnosis.

Thank you Lymphoma Action for all your wonderful support.