International Clinical Trials Day 2019

Recognising the importance of clinical trials and thanking all those involved

International Clinical Trials Day

On 20 May 1747 James Lind conducted what is considered to be the first randomised clinical trial while on a naval ship - testing the use of acid to help treat scurvy.

Today we use this date to recognise the importance of clinical trials and thank all those involved. Clinical trials carried out in the past underpin the treatments available for people today. They are vital for improving treatment, outcomes and quality of life.

If you’d like to know more about clinical trials, you can use our clinical trials information service called Lymphoma TrialsLink. It includes information about what clinical trials are, what they involve, and questions to consider before taking part in a trial. It also has a database of clinical trials open in the UK for people affected by lymphoma. The trial summaries are written in plain English, making them easier to understand. You can take these summaries to your consultant for discussion.

Here are things to consider before entering a clinical trial:

  • It is your personal choice whether or not you enter a trial. It requires a lot of thought and discussion with your medical team, and with family and friends.
  • Clinical trials may give you access to the latest lymphoma treatments. A new treatment could benefit you and give you more treatment options.
  • You are likely to be more closely monitored during and after a clinical trial.
  • There may not be a trial suitable for everyone at any given time. You have to meet a number of criteria in order to enter a trial.
  • By taking part in a trial, you are contributing to the information that helps drive forward improvements in lymphoma treatment and care. Even if a trial doesn’t help you personally, it will give information about areas of treatment which can help other people affected by lymphoma in the future.

If you have any questions about clinical trials, get in touch by emailing

If you are looking for clinical trials not related to lymphoma, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) lists research studies. You can also show your support and pledge to be part of research #BePartofResearch  

20 May 2019