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Exciting challenges across the UK

From 5ks, 10ks, half marathons to marathons, there's something for everyone wherever you are in the UK. Click on your local area below to see what's coming up - we hope you'll find something you'll love!

4 lymphoma runners

Event dates: Various dates in 2024
Distance: Various distances
Location: all over the UK
Sponsorship Target: £150

When you've chosen your challenge, do let us know so we can give you a big Welcome to #TeamLymphoma and remember to spread the word to your network of family, friends and colleagues on social media so they can support you too. 

Don't forget to tag us - we're Lymphoma Action on Facebook@LymphomaAction on Twitter and @Lymphoma_Action on Instagram. You can also use the hashtag #TeamLymphoma.

Contact our team: or call 01296 619400 and tell us about your running challenge.