Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Lymphoma is the most common form of blood cancer, so every September we come together to raise awareness and vital funds to support our work.

Let's talk lymphoma... to make sure no one faces lymphoma alone.

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We'd love for you to help us talk lymphoma. We are just finalising the materials for 2024 but register now and you will receive a pack with all you need to get started as soon as it's ready!

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Learn more about lymphoma

Lymphoma is the 5th most common cancer in the UK, but many people have never heard of it and don't know the symptoms - you can help us change this!

What is lymphoma?

Lymphoma is a haematological cancer or blood cancer - a cancer that develops from blood cells. All lymphomas develop from types of white blood cells called lymphocytes, which are part of the immune system. Watch our animation to learn more about lymphoma

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Symptoms of lymphoma

Lymphoma can cause many different symptoms, depending on its type and where it is in your body. The most common symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, sweats and itching. Share this animation to spread the word.

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Will you talk lymphoma with us?

Here's some of the ways you can get involved in September 2024

Zip for lymphoma!

Take part in our incredible double zip challenge during Blood Cancer Awareness Month. On the 21 September you can join Team Laura in North Wales or Team Amy in Bluewater Kent! Get your adrenaline pumping and fly through the sky to raise much needed awareness and funds.

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Talking points

Help us raise awareness of the key facts and figures about lymphoma by displaying our poster in your local community.

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Be a champion

If you, your family or friends have links to a company, school, sports or social club, or other organisation, could you be our champion and tell them about Lymphoma Action?

Get your bake on!

When better to talk lymphoma than over tea and cake? Hold a coffee morning or bake sale to share the signs and symptoms and raise some vital pounds.

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Look back on Septemeber 2023

Your support made last year's Blood Cancer Awareness Month our biggest ever! More than 450 of you answered our call to help, including 75 hospitals. 

Thanks to you, thousands of people found out more about lymphoma and over £85,000 was raised to help even more people affected by the 5th most common cancer.

To everyone who talked lymphoma with us during Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we want to say a heartfelt thank you.

Read more about our 2023 campaign