Gel treatment for T-cell skin lymphoma approved in Scotland

Chlormethine gel is now available on the NHS in Scotland for adults with mycosis fungoides.

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The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has today (10 May) announced that chlormethine gel (brand name Ledaga®) will be available on the NHS in Scotland for adults with mycosis fungoides.

Mycosis fungoides is a slow-growing (low-grade) type of T-cell skin lymphoma. It can usually be very well controlled with treatment, but it tends to come back when treatment is stopped.

Chlormethine gel is a chemotherapy drug that is applied directly to the skin. As an ointment or lotion, it has been used to treat skin lymphoma for over 50 years, but it is no longer available in these formulations. The new gel is effective and convenient for many people with early-stage skin lymphoma. The effects may last for several months.

We are delighted with the SMC’s decision to fund this topical treatment for skin lymphoma. Having an effective treatment that can be used at home is a real benefit to people with skin lymphoma, and has the potential to delay the need for more intensive, systemic treatments.
Ropinder Gill, Chief Executive of Lymphoma Action

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is currently deciding whether or not to make chlormethine gel available on the NHS in other UK nations. Lymphoma Action has been involved in the appraisal process and we will report on the outcome as soon as it’s available.

For more information about new drugs being developed to treat lymphoma, visit Lymphoma TrialsLink.

10 May 2021