Don't let your voice go unheard

Thank you to everyone who took part in our short survey to improve the lives of people affected by lymphoma. This survey is now closed.

A group of diverse people advertising our survey

Our goal is to support anyone affected by lymphoma, but we are aware that there are still people we are not reaching. We want to understand the barriers that may be holding people back from using our services or holding us back from engaging with them.

Our aim is to improve the health outcomes for all communities affected by lymphoma, and to increase the diversity of our users, but to do that we need to understand:

  • how lymphoma affects different individuals, communities and groups and the impact this may have
  • what may be discouraging or preventing people from seeking support from charities like Lymphoma Action
  • the most appropriate ways we can engage with and support people who currently do not use our services
  • what additional services are needed to best support everyone.

By completing our survey you can help us make our information and support accessible and relevant to everyone. It should only take you 10 minutes and is completely anonymous, and we hope it will help us to create new and better ways of reaching people. Ultimately, our aim is to improve the health outcomes for everyone affected by lymphoma by:

  • giving people a better understanding of their lymphoma and life beyond their cancer
  • empowering them to speak to their medical team
  • helping people cope with their diagnosis and treatment
  • improving their physical and mental health through programmes such as our Live your Life self-management workshops
  • linking people to others going through a similar experience, making them feel less isolated
  • addressing some of the misconceptions surrounding cancer. 
We are delighted to be working with Anneliese, Naomi and Seb at Apollo Health in this research project, to increase the impact of our information and services.
Ropinder Gill, Chief Executive, Lymphoma Action


25 March 2021