Dave talks about his two years of treatment for lymphoma, and how attending a Live your Life workshop helped him feel more positive. 

Dave photo

Hi, my name is Dave, and in October 2016 my world basically collapsed.  I was working on the Friday for the Scottish Ambulance Service. On the Saturday, I almost collapsed, feeling disorientated, nauseous and with very swollen glands.

I saw my GP on the Monday and everything moved very quickly. After referrals to the hospital for scans and a biopsy I was diagnosed with diffuse large B-Cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The service I received from everyone within the NHS was fantastic. However my body didn’t co-operate and this led to just short of 2 years treatment, and I was at one time diagnosed as terminal. It has been a long journey and a long story.

Now I am in remission, and am no longer working; I took early retirement due to health reasons and having been told I was terminal, but left work feeling a bit lost and wondering what and where now.

After seeing the Lymphoma Action Life your Life workshop advertised, I decided to go along. I didn’t know what to expect before going. I found the workshop very helpful and informative for me and my wife.  It was very friendly and relaxed, and was a great opportunity to meet other people and other patients to share experiences, and also to meet professionals and Lymphoma Action staff.

I came away from the Live your Life workshop feeling a bit more positive about my future.

I came away feeling a bit more positive about my future and content with my lot.