Could you get involved in PROSECO, an observational study evaluating COVID-19 vaccine immune responses in people with lymphoma?

Centres in Southampton, Oxford, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Leicester, Norfolk and Newcastle are inviting people with lymphoma to take part in a research study. 

Person using a needle and syringe to draw vaccine from a bottle
What is the purpose of the PROSECO study?

Individuals with lymphoma often have a weakened immune system which means they are more likely to be affected by infections. In some cases, a weakened immune system may persist long after completion of treatment. 

The Government has commenced population-wide COVID-19 vaccination. However, the majority of people who took part in the initial studies of the vaccine did not have weakened immune systems. This study has been designed to help understand whether people with lymphoma will develop protective immune responses after COVID-19 vaccination. To do this, they will have to take blood samples from people who participate in the study and run some laboratory tests to see if antibodies against the virus causing COVID-19 are present, and whether those immune cells can recognise the virus.  

Those participating will not receive their own results, as the samples are not tested immediately, but are stored and tested in batches. However altogether, the results from this study will give a good idea whether the COVID-19 vaccine is protective in people with lymphoma, and whether more is needed to protect them from viruses, such as those causing COVID-19.

Where is this study taking place?

The PROSECO study is open for recruitment in Southampton, Oxford, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Leicester, Newcastle and Norfolk. 

What is involved?

The study will involve you giving a blood sample before (if time allows) and after your COVID-19 vaccination. The centre will then perform the additional tests on the blood sample to see if people with lymphoma develop a protective immune response to vaccination. 

You may be eligible If you have:
•    not received your COVID-19 vaccination 
•    just received your first dose of vaccination OR
•    just received the second dose of your COVID-19 vaccination in the last 3 weeks.

If you would like to be involved, contact your medical team to find out if you may be eligible. 

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