Caring for someone with lymphoma?

Whether you are a full time carer or offering extra support to a loved one with lymphoma, please make sure you get the support you need. 

We're here for you at every step

You might not see yourself as a carer, but if you are offering practical or emotional support to someone with lymphoma, we have plenty of tips and advice, as well information on where you can get support.

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Caring for someone who has lymphoma

You are likely to have specific needs and concerns. For example, you might want to know what practical help you can give or how to emotionally support the person you’re looking after. You might also want to know how to look after yourself and what support is available to you. We have advice and tips to help you.

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Lymphoma in children and young people

Treatment of lymphoma has changed dramatically over the years and is usually successful. However, the time that follows your child’s diagnosis will still be difficult. You do not have to carry the weight of the situation on your own. We have plenty of information and guidance. You can also ask your medical team for guidance. 

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Side effects of lymphoma treatment

Treatments for lymphoma affect everyone differently. Each treatment or drug has different possible side effects which also vary in how severe they are. Some people have only mild side effects while others have more troublesome effects. Although some side effects for each treatment are common, not everyone gets them.

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Contact us for support

Supporting a loved one through their diagnosis, treatment and aftercare can be very difficult. You may feel anxious and isolated. Remember that we are here for you too. We're on hand to answer your questions, guide you to where you get get more information or support or just offer a listening ear. Please get in touch.

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Personal stories

Read personal stories from people who have been affected by lymphoma and learn how they have coped with diagnosis, treatment, caring for a loved one and living with and beyond lymphoma. It can really help to hear from other people who have 'been there'. 

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When someone close to you has lymphoma, it can be difficult to know what to do or say. It can be incredibly painful to watch the person you love go through such a difficult experience. You might feel helpless and pressured to somehow make things better. We can offer advice and support to help you communicate with those around you.