Ask the expert: Who attends an MDT meeting and can I have my views included?

Patients are not involved in MDT meetings as various other cases are discussed, so there is a problem of confidentiality. But talk to your CNS to see whether they could represent your views. 

Talking to your clinical nurse specialist

What is reassuring about multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings is that they bring together the experience of many medical professionals from various disciplines, including haematologists, clinical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, clinical nurse specialists, occupational therapists and other members of the health team, to discuss test results and scans as well as treatment options. This allows you to feel confident that several opinions will have been sought before your lymphoma is diagnosed and the best treatment is recommended based on local and national guidelines and considering your personal circumstances.

Unfortunately, patients are not involved in the MDT meetings. By the nature of the meetings, various cases are discussed and may be referred to. Therefore there would be a problem of confidentiality. However if you want to have any wishes or concerns voiced at an MDT meeting, your clinical nurse specialist is probably the best person to represent your views, so speak to them if you want to have anything included in the discussion.

This question featured in Lymphoma Matters magazine, issue 108.