On active monitoring for lymphoma?

Lymphoma doesn’t always need treatment straightaway. Instead, you might have a period of active monitoring (also known as watch and wait). We're here to support you, whether you want to learn more about lymphoma, hear from other people affected by lymphoma, or find tips to help you live well, physically, practically and emotionally. 

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What is active monitoring?

Find out about active monitoring (watch and wait), an approach that involves regular appointments to monitor your lymphoma until it needs treatment.

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Information and support

Find information and support to help you whilst on active monitoring.

Three copies of the Active monitoring book on a wooden table. The book has a pink cover with periwinkle design and Lymphoma Action logo. Title of book is Active monitoring (watch and wait) for lymphoma.

Active monitoring book

Our book provides information about what active monitoring is, what you should look out for while on active monitoring and advice for day-to-day living. Download or order from our website for free.

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Helpline services

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can offer information about lymphoma and provide a listening ear to you and your loved ones. 

Collage of personal stories

Personal stories

Stories and videos from people affected by different types of lymphoma - plus family and carers - sharing how they have coped and how they're living with and beyond lymphoma.

Live your life

Life your Life

Our peer-led Live your Life (self-management) programme is for people who have just finished treatment or who are on watch and wait (activte monitoring). It aims to connect you to others, help you to find your 'new normal' and live well with and beyond lymphoma.

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Active monitoring video

Watch Professor Simon Rule explain what active monitoring is and why it is often recommended for low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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