Abigail's story on East Midlands Today

Lymphoma Action's Stephen Scowcroft comments on rare lymphoma that developed after heart transplant.

Stephen Scowcroft

You may have seen in the news last week the story of Abigail who had a life-saving heart transplant when she was nine. However, now 14, Abigail has been diagnosed with post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD), a rare type of lymphoma.

Abigail's story featured on East Midlands Today and Lymphoma Action's Head of Business Development, Stephen Scowcroft, commented on this rare type of lymphoma. 

Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder's are lymphomas that occur after a transplant. They can also develop in people who are taking immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection of an organ or an allogeneic (donor) bone marrow or stem cell transplant.   

PTLD is very rare, developing in about 2-8% of people who have had a transplant.

See the news story at https://youtu.be/9Q93i9-uTl0


With thanks to East Midlands Today for allowing us to share this footage.

13 March 2019