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World Wellbeing Week, 24-30 June 2024

Published on: 24 June 2024

Raising awareness of the importance of wellbeing. 

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This week is World Wellbeing Week which aims to get people recognising all aspects of wellbeing. This covers many aspects of life, including mental and emotional health, financial and physical health, relationships and the environment.

This year, World Wellbeing Week is giving us the opportunity to consider our own wellbeing, as well as looking out for the wellbeing of our loved ones and others in our community, including those who support us.  

I have probably experienced every emotion relevant to a cancer diagnosis (except for depression) and I have watched my family and friends go through it all, too.

Debbie, diagnosed with follicular lymphoma

We have information you may find useful:

There is such a wide range of feelings people affected by lymphoma might experience. I think it’s all part of the cancer roller coaster. People shouldn’t feel guilty about their emotions and how they might change through the process.

Andrea, diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma