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World Blood Cancer Day

Published on: 28 May 2024

On 28 May people around the world show their support for people with blood cancer.

10 symptoms of lymphoma depicted as cartoon-style images. Swollen lymph glands, fatigue without reason, unexplained weight loss, more infections than normal, drenching night sweats, itching, fever, abdominal swelling, chest pain, difficult swallowing.

We celebrate World Blood Cancer Day every year on 28 May to mark the founding of DKMS, an international charity dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders.

Lymphoma is the most common type of blood cancer in the UK, with someone being diagnosed with lymphoma every 26 minutes in the UK. Lymphomas are classed as a blood cancer because they develop from a type of blood cell. They develop when a type of white blood cell, called a lymphocyte, grows out of control. 

This World Blood Cancer Day raise awareness of the symptoms of lymphoma with our new postcard and poster available free from our online shop. They are also available to download and print.

Watch and share our award-winning symptoms animation to help us raise awareness on World Blood Cancer Day.