We Can’t Wait: World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2021

Join the global lymphoma community on 15 September to address the ways the pandemic has affected people living with lymphoma.

We Can’t Wait: World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2021

This World Lymphoma Awareness Day we are joining the global lymphoma community to say We Can’t Wait to put an end to the unintended consequences the pandemic has had on the lymphoma community. 

Around the world, people have faced reduced access to care, treatment and support. There have also been fewer diagnoses due to a lack of access to medical professionals and hesitancy in seeking medical attention when experiencing symptoms.

We can’t wait to take care of our own health.

If you notice signs or symptoms of lymphoma, do not delay and speak to a medical professional. Lymphoma is cancer of the lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells. Symptoms can be similar to other illnesses such as the flu or even Covid-19.

The key lymphoma symptoms to look out for are:

  • Losing weight but don’t know why
  • Feeling worn out for no reason
  • A lump in your neck, armpit or groin
  • Itching all the time but don’t know why 
  • Drenched in sweat during the night

Please visit your GP if you have any of these symptoms - the NHS is there to see you safely. 

Lymphoma symptoms

If you would like to support World Lymphoma Awareness Day on social media, visit the website for materials and use #WLAD2021 on your posts.

You can also download our Blood Cancer Awareness Month images here to share with your networks - you can help more people be #LymphomaAware.