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Preparing for Treatment Service

Our Preparing for Treatment Service is designed for you if you have just been diagnosed with lymphoma and are about to start treatment, or if you are about to start treatment after being on active monitoring or you have been in remission. It is also for you if you are supporting someone about to go through treatment for their lymphoma. Here you can find out more about what the service offers, and how to register to access the content.

About the service

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This service has been designed for you if you have a diagnosis of lymphoma and you are about to start treatment. You may have recently been diagnosed and need to start treatment soon, or maybe you’ve had lymphoma for a while and your treatment is about to begin. Or perhaps you are a family member or friend and you are looking for information to help you support a loved one going through treatment. 

The service is free, and you will need to register to access the service and the content. We ask for a few details about you so that your account can be set up. It will take a couple of minutes and you'll be able to access it straightaway.

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Why do I have to register?

This is a new service, and it’s designed for people who are about to start treatment. We are asking you to register so that we can see how many people are using the service, and who is finding it helpful. It is only available to people who are aged over 18 and living in the UK. This is because the information is about lymphoma in adults, and the treatment included covers only what is available in the UK. The registration process helps us to make sure the service is available to people who need it.

Are you going to send me lots of emails and ask me to fill in surveys?

There are some opportunities to give us feedback if you would like to, but don’t worry: we won’t send you emails (other than to confirm your registration) or ask you lots of questions! If you’d like to keep in touch with us (receive our magazine and information about how we can support you) you can sign up to hear from us during the registration process. 

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Grateful thanks

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