Mark's volunteering story

Mark shares his experience of volunteering for over 10 years

Mark with his wife Paula_Bridges Walk

I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma ten years ago and have never needed treatment. I'm on active monitoring, which means I sees my consultant every six months for a blood test and brief check-up.

I recognise the value of different support options for anyone affected by a lymphoma diagnosis, which is why I got involved as a volunteer in a variety of roles.

I help to organise and facilitate the Lymphoma Action Guildford Support Group; I'm an Ambassador representing Lymphoma Action in my local community;  a member of the reader panel, advisory board and volunteer forum – plus a patient advocate for Lymphoma Coalition Europe.

I share my own personal lymphoma story and raise awareness about lymphoma when delivering presentations to community groups, as well as having the opportunity to talk on hospital radio in 2019. It's gratifying to be able to 'spread the word' to an appreciative audience.

For me, it’s really therapeutic to talk openly about my situation and to share my experiences of lymphoma. It helps me – and I hope it might help others too. I’ve benefited from Lymphoma Action’s services myself and so I’m keen to signpost those services to others who might find them helpful. I know there’s something there to suit everyone.