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Late Effects Support Meeting

This support meeting is open to people who are experiencing or are concerned about health problems caused by treatment for lymphoma that appear months or years after treatment has finished. Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month between, at 7.30pm.

Register for these meetings here

At these support meetings, you’ll meet others who have had successful treatment for lymphoma but are now experiencing or are concerned about late effects.  It can be a worrying and challenging time, as your history of lymphoma returns to affect your life.  

Late effects are health problems that develop a long time after chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment has finished. These are different from long-lasting side-effects that develop during or shortly after treatment, such as peripheral neuropathy or fatigue. Late effects include other types of cancer (known as ‘second’ cancers), heart, lung and hormone problems, such as underactive thyroid, diabetes and reduced fertility, and other effects, such eye, dental and bone density issues.

  • If you are experiencing on-going side-effects of treatment, rather than late effects, you are welcome to join one of our General Support Meetings or any of the specialised meetings for which you are eligible.  
  • Carers are not eligible to join these meetings.  Instead, you are welcome to join Family, Friends and Carers Support Meetings.
  • Registration is for the service as a whole, so please submit only one registration form, joining whichever support meeting best suits your needs - you can see our full range here Online Support Meetings.  If you would like to discuss which meeting is best for you before registering, please email us at

Our support meetings provide a safe, confidential place where people affected by lymphoma can talk to each other about their experience, express their thoughts and feelings, gain insight from connecting with others, and get support and information.  The facilitators will listen, seek to understand your experience and help address any questions or worries you have. 

Support meetings are hosted on Zoom, last an hour and follow a common structure, including time for everyone to share your experience and feelings about life with lymphoma. You don't need a Zoom account or experience of using Zoom but will need access to an internet-enabled device. 

To register for the support meeting service, you must be aged 18 or over, resident in the UK, and personally affected by lymphoma.