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CAR-T cell therapy

Published on: 11 October 2023

Watch our recent webinar to find out more. 

CAR-T cell therapy

We recently hosted a webinar on CAR-T cell therapy. We were joined by Consultant Haematologist Dr Cathy Burton, Clinical Nurse Specialist for CAR-T Kathryn Riley, both from St James’s’ University Hospital Lees, and Fiona, an individual with lived experience of CAR-T cell therapy. 

In the webinar Dr Cathy Burton and Kathryn Riley explained what CAR-T cell therapy is, how it works and who might be eligible for this treatment. They also explained the process of having CAR-T cell therapy and possible side effects.

Fiona was able to provide an insight into the lived experience of having CAR-T cell therapy, explaining how she felt during the treatment process, how closely she was monitored and about her emotions leaving hospital.

Watch our webinar to find out more about CAR-T cell therapy.