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Read and listen to personal stories from people who have been affected by lymphoma and learn how they have coped with diagnosis, treatment, caring for a loved one and living with and beyond lymphoma.

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Ruby talks about her diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma at age 13.

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Komal talks about her diagnosis of Waldenström’s macroglobulinaemia, treatment and the mental challenge of being on active monitoring.

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Matthew shares his experience of DLBCL and treatment that included CAR-T cell therapy. 

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Lizzie talks about her diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma and being treated by the team where she works as a Therapeutic Radiographer. 



Seren, diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, talks about the challenges of getting a diagnosis. 

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Naomi shares her experience of Hodgkin lymphoma and emphasises the importance of knowing the signs of neutropenic sepsis.