Raise awareness of lymphoma on World Cancer Day 2020

Today marks the 20th anniversary of World Cancer Day – a global movement to raise awareness and understanding of cancer and to ensure that cancer treatment and care is equal for all.

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Lymphoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK - but it is not well known and many people haven’t even heard of it when they are diagnosed.
We are committed to raising awareness of lymphoma and here are some ways you can support us:
  • Talk to your family, friends, work colleagues and more – the easiest way to spread knowledge of lymphoma is through talking to others. 
  • Like, comment and share on social media – every time you respond to our posts, it means more and more people see it so it's a simple way to help the message spread. 
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  • Share the symptoms of lymphoma so that everyone knows the signs to look out for and can seek medical advice sooner – you can order or download images, posters and postcards here.
  • Ask your local community hall, GP surgery, pharmacy, school, university, place of worship, gym – anywhere you can think of – to display our posters.
  • Volunteer your time to raise awareness and represent us in your community. 
  • Share your lymphoma story on our website or through social media to make more people #LymphomaAware.


4 February 2020