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Lymphoma Action Director chairs Blood Cancer Alliance

Stephen Scowcroft is the new chair of the Alliance of twelve charities representing people living with blood cancer.

Blood Cancer Alliance logo


Our Director Stephen Scowcroft has recently been appointed the new Chair of the Blood Cancer Alliance. Lymphoma Action has been involved with the Alliance for a number of years and we are pleased to be more involved in this way moving forwards.

The Alliance is a group of twelve charities representing people living with blood cancer. The Alliance works to improve the experience and outcomes of blood cancer patients through effective engagement with policymakers and policy influencers.

The Alliance has a UK-wide remit and is open to registered charities who have a strong primary focus on blood cancer. The current members are: ACLT, Anthony Nolan, Bloodwise, CLL Support, CML Support Group, Leukaemia Care, Leukaemia and Lymphoma NI, Leukaemia UK, Lymphoma Action, MDS UK Patient Support Group, Myeloma UK and WMUK. 

The Blood Cancer Alliance has identified three areas in which policy improvements must be made to better cater for the complex needs of blood cancer patients across the UK. These are:

  • securing access to the best treatment
  • closing the diagnosis gap and improving provision in health policy and care design
  • providing support and care for patients.

The members work together to identify a programme of activities that keep the focus on the three key policy areas. The Alliance meets on a quarterly basis.

By working together with the Alliance, Lymphoma Action is able to be more involved with significant activities in the key policy areas than we would be able to do on our own. With 240,000 people living with over 100 different types of blood cancer, the Blood Cancer Alliance represents a significant group of people with complex needs. Speaking with one voice means that we can be heard.
Stephen Scowcroft, Lymphoma Action

The Alliance currently receives funding from the pharmaceutical industry for the work they carry out, but decision making as an Alliance is wholly independent as per this position on working with the pharmaceutical industry.

16 May 2019