Have your say: how can cancer care be improved?

If you would like to share your views on how cancer care could be improved, Cancer52 would like to hear from you.  

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Cancer52, an umbrella organisation representing close to 100 rare and less common cancer charities, including Lymphoma Action, has developed a short survey to find out what people affected by a rare or less common cancer think needs improving for future cancer patients.

Responses will be used to develop Cancer52’s contribution to any new government Cancer Strategy that will follow the existing strategy, Achieving world-class cancer outcomes, which runs until 2020/2021.

Cancer52 has already sought views from other cancer charities, as well as NHS and government stakeholders, and would now like to hear from people who are living with or have had a rare or less common cancer, including lymphoma.

Carers and loved ones are also encourage to take the survey.  

Cancer52 aims to promote improved diagnosis, treatment, and support for those affected by rare and less common cancers – defined as all cancers outside of the ‘big four’ of breast, prostate, lung, and bowel.

Current data shows that 46% or cancers diagnosed are rare and less common cancers, yet they account for 54% of cancer deaths.

Findings from the survey will be published by the end of 2018.

Complete the survey by 22 August