BBC Radio 4 Appeal 2019

We're excited to be raising the profile of lymphoma and the services we offer with our BBC Radio 4 Appeal - with thanks to Carol for sharing her experience and to everyone who shared and donated to support our vital work.

Carol Jarvis in front of BBC Broadcast House

Carol's story

Carol, a professional trombonist, was 26 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma and she faced nearly a decade of treatment.

Throughout it all, Carol and her Mum were supported by Lymphoma Action and so she wants to ensure other families facing a lymphoma diagnosis get the same vital support and information. 

'Mum could be there for me because Lymphoma Action was there for her. Without them we couldn’t have coped. She read and watched everything she could on their website. She rang their helpline – to talk, to ask questions and sometimes just to cry. Now she volunteers as a buddy for the charity, offering other families support'


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If you missed the live broadcasts of our appeal on BBC Radio 4 don't worry - you can also listen back online here.

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