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12-point plan for restoration, recovery and transformation of cancer services

Published on: 25 June 2020

We have united with 24 other cancer charities to develop a 12-point plan for restoring cancer services.

12 point plan

Cancer hasn’t stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With lymphoma being the fifth most common cancer in the UK we have united with 24 other cancer charities to set out a 12 point plan outlining what we believe the health service in England needs to do to enable cancer services to recover from the pandemic.  

The One Cancer Voice plan was launched on Monday 22 June and it has already been highlighted by two MPs in the Houses of Commons.  Collectively, we will continue to lobby the Government to ensure that cancer services are not only restored to their previous levels but also transformed to deliver significant improvements in survival rates and patient care.

The plan has two phases, restoration period (expected to last until August 2020) and recovery (expected to run from August 2020 to March 2021) and it focuses on the following areas. 

1.    Keeping baseline services running
2.    Covid-protected environments
3.    Diagnosis and referrals
4.    Personalised care
5.    Clinical trials 
6.    Supporting the vulnerable
7.    Preventing cancer
8.    Workforce
9.    Screening programmes
10.    Guidance
11.    Innovation
12.    Long-term plan ambitions

Lymphoma Action is proud to be working alongside the other One Cancer Voice charities to deliver improved outcomes for people affected by cancer.