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Help us safeguard our front-line services by donating to our emergency appeal.

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Inform, support, connect: never have these three words meant more.  Our services offer a lifeline and during the coronavirus pandemic we have seen an unprecedented demand.  By supporting our emergency appeal  you will be helping us to safeguard our vital services. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed all of us in a situation that we never expected to be in, and for those of us with health concerns this is a truly anxious time. But we are still here, providing trusted support and information and listening to you and what you need, as always. In order to respond to the current circumstances, we have had to make some big changes to how we deliver our services so that we can continue to inform, support and connect people affected by a lymphoma diagnosis. In an incredibly short period of time, we saw our whole team adapt to working from home, and some of our support services and fundraising activities move to an online format. We have trained and set up our Support Group members to work virtually so people can continue to connect with others, and we have also set up a nationwide support group on Facebook, Lymphoma Action Support UK. Our award winning Live your Life programme is currently undergoing an exciting digital redevelopment, with virtual workshops being launched in the near future to help us ensure that there is ongoing support for people with lymphoma and those around them.

Since the very beginning of the pandemic, we have been in constant communication with healthcare professionals, other cancer charities and NHS England and we all support each other to provide the most detailed and up-to-date information as quickly as possible, in order to ease some of the pressure on the NHS. Our team have worked with lymphoma and cancer experts tirelessly to develop the new section of our website dedicated solely to COVID-19 and lymphoma. Over the last month we have received over 65,000 visitors to these pages alone! Our series of webinars with lymphoma experts have also served to compliment our information and directly answer your queries.

Coronavirus has led to unprecedented demand for our services, with our Helpline seeing three times the volume of enquiries and thousands more people visiting our website every day for the latest information. This extra demand, and a substantial drop in income has led to an increased pressure on us which we cannot maintain for long. We stand to lose several hundred thousand pounds against our budgeted income this year due to the pandemic.

Which is where we need your help. We urgently need to secure emergency funding to safeguard our services. We have several plans to do this, one of which is to raise £60,000 with your help through our emergency appeal.

Anything you give will really make a difference:

  • A one-off cash gift will help us through the immediate challenge of replacing lost income. If you could be one of 650 supporters needed to make an average donation of £30, we would raise a third of our appeal target
  • A regular gift will ensure we have donations coming through every month, helping us build resilience over a very difficult year. If you could be one of 650 supporters needed to set up a direct debit of £5 a month, it would raise the rest of our appeal target.  

It may not be a one-off cash gift of £30, or a direct debit of £5 a month . It may be more or less, but rest assured every £1 makes a difference.

We are proud to be supporting you through this difficult time, whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with lymphoma for many years. With your help we can continue to make a difference to the lives of people affected by lymphoma, for as long as we are needed.