Updated information for young people with lymphoma

Our revised Young person’s guide to lymphoma is now available.

Revision of the young person's guide, showing pages from inside book

We’ve revised our Young person’s guide to lymphoma – a resource to help young people affected by lymphoma understand what it is and how it’s treated.

Lymphoma is the most common cancer in teenagers and young adults (15-24 years old) and every year in the UK more than 500 teenagers and young people are diagnosed so we want to make sure they get the right information and support.

Working with lymphoma experts and other relevant professionals, we’ve ensured that the new book is in line with current health and social care guidelines and practice. We've also involved young people affected by lymphoma in the development and review of the content and the book contains quotes and tips throughout from young people with first-hand experience of living with lymphoma. 

The book also includes:

  • tips to help deal with treatment, including staying in hospital, coping with side effects of treatment, and talking to friends and family about how you feel
  • answers to key questions from young people affected by lymphoma, like whether it’s OK to drink alcohol, diet, use hair dye, workout at the gym or go travelling
  • ideas for things to think about as you readjust to life after treatment, including returning to work or studies, starting a family, and following a healthy lifestyle.
Receiving a lymphoma diagnosis as a young person can be an incredibly isolating experience - you're not a child and yet other adult patients are often considerably older than you. That's why I found the Young person's guide to lymphoma so useful. It’s a privilege to have contributed to it.
Callum, diagnosed with lymphoma at 21
This book is a brilliant resource, and it feels great to have shared my experiences in it. I hope my quotes provide a sense of support and unity to other young people more recently diagnosed with lymphoma. There’s a real community in these pages, alongside invaluable healthcare, emotional and practical advice.
Ellie, diagnosed with lymphoma at 15
This book is a must for all young people diagnosed with lymphoma. It provides excellent guidance and support with lots of useful tips and contact details.
Dr Georgina Hall, Consultant Paediatric and Adolescent Haematologist at Oxford Children’s Hospital

The new edition of our Young person’s guide to lymphoma is now available to download or order for free from our shop.

24 February 2020