PTCL Biobank: collecting samples from people with T-cell lymphoma for research

There is no treatment in this study. The researchers need biopsy, blood and saliva samples from people with T-cell lymphoma for research. 

Purpose of study

The aim of this research study is to collect samples for a biobank that can be used for research to help doctors recommend the right treatment for each person with T-cell lymphoma. Newer forms of treatment and new diagnostic tests for people with T-cell lymphoma are becoming available. However, T-cell lymphomas are rare and it is difficult for researchers to access enough samples to find out which people respond to which treatment and what tests are most useful in accurately diagnosing T-cell lymphoma.

What is involved

You are asked to allow the study team to store part of the sample of your lymphoma that was taken when you had a biopsy.

The study team are also collecting:

  • blood and saliva samples before treatment starts
  • blood samples every 3–4 months during treatment.

A sample of blood is collected when you are having blood taken as part of your routine care so there are no extra visits to hospital for this study. The researchers also collect information about what happens to you as you go through your treatment and follow-up (check-up appointments after your treatment). This information is collected from your medical notes. Your information is kept confidential – ask the study organisers how they do it and who has access to your information.

Who can enter

Your consultant can give you advice on whether this study might be suitable for you. Around 150 people are needed to participate.

You may be able to enter if:

You will not be able to enter if:

  • You have any other form of lymphoma.

Further information

More information about this study is available on the Health Research Authority website.