BACH: collecting research samples from people with Hodgkin lymphoma to develop a test that shows how well treatment is working

This study does not involve any treatment. The researchers need blood samples from people with classical Hodgkin lymphoma that they can use for research.

Purpose of study

The aim of the study is to develop a blood test that tells doctors whether Hodgkin lymphoma is responding to treatment or whether the lymphoma is growing.

People with Hodgkin lymphoma have more CCL17 protein in their blood than healthy people. In this study, the researchers collect blood samples from people with Hodgkin lymphoma during their treatment to see if tracking CCL17 levels can show how well treatment is working. At the same time, the researchers also want to develop a rapid test for CCL17 so that results can be used to make treatment decisions.

What is involved

You have blood samples taken:

  • before you start treatment
  • before your 2nd and 3rd chemotherapy cycles
  • after your treatment has finished
  • during follow up.

The researchers may also need a sample of lymphoma tissue from a biopsy taken when you were first diagnosed. You don’t have to have another biopsy or go to the hospital for any extra blood tests. All the blood samples are taken from your regular blood tests.

You may also have a PET/CT scan before your chemotherapy and after 2 cycles of chemotherapy. The researchers compare these scans with your CCL17 levels.

Your doctor provides information to the study team about how your treatment has worked and how well you are. All this information is kept confidential and is only seen by people involved in this study.

Who can enter

Your consultant can give you advice on whether this study might be suitable for you.

Around 80 people are needed.

You may be able to enter if:

  • You have a recent diagnosis of classical Hodgkin lymphoma.
  • You live in Scotland.
  • You are over 16.

Further information

More information about this trial is available at Cancer Research UK