How to join an online event through Zoom

Many of our Lymphoma Action online events are run through Zoom. This is an online platform (similar to GoToWebinar or WebEx). Below we outline the key stages in registering and attending an online event.

Information about Zoom

Zoom is an online communication platform that helps people stay connected through video and audio conferencing, meetings or training sessions. Zoom can be accessed through a web browser; computer desktop application or as a smart phone/tablet application. 

We use Zoom for online groups and meetings, workshops and some webinars. For some of these you'll need a microphone and camera (for example, if you are joining a group or workshop) but for others you won't (such as webinars - where attendees cannot be seen or heard).

What you’ll need to take part in an online event
  • Access to an internet-enabled device (i.e. computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone).
  • A good Wi-Fi or internet connection
  • If you are attending an event where participants are in discussion with each other, you'll need a microphone to be able to join in the conversation – see Testing audio and video, below.
  • If you will be connecting visually with others, you will need to have a web camera available on your computer/laptop. Smartphones and tablets will also need to have a video option. 
  • Ideally, a quiet space, away from others in your household, to preserve the confidentiality of other participants. If you can’t separate physically from other members of your household, use headphones/earphones, so other participants can’t be overheard.

What you don’t need is a Zoom account, just to join a scheduled meeting.

Joining an event

If it’s your first time joining a Zoom event, we encourage you join at least 5 minutes before the start to check everything is set up and working for you. 

There will be a facilitator in each event who will begin by talking you through how the event will work, to ensure that everyone has the same expectations of the event. They may explain some of Zoom’s functionality, such as the chat box, and check that your microphone and video (if using) are working.

On a desktop computer or laptop

You’ll receive an invitation email with joining instructions and a link to click, which takes you to the virtual ‘meeting venue’, plus a password to enter when prompted, which gets you into the virtual ‘waiting room’.
(Please note you’ll receive a new link and a new password for each event).

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the link into your browser.

The facilitator will let you into the event when ready.

On a smartphone or tablet

You’ll need to download the Zoom application, which is free! To do this, go to your App store, search ‘Zoom’ and download the app ‘ZOOM Cloud Meetings’.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with joining instructions, including a meeting ID and password. In your Zoom app, click on the ‘Join a meeting’ option and enter the meeting ID and password. (Please note you’ll receive a new meeting ID and a new password for each event).

The meeting ID takes you to the virtual ‘meeting venue’, and the password gets you into the virtual ‘waiting room’. 

The facilitator will let you into the event when ready.

Testing audio and video

If you will be using your microphone and camera during the event, we recommend testing your audio and video to make sure everything is working before the event starts:

  • Go to and click the blue ‘Join’ button.  You will get a message saying, “The host has another meeting in progress”, underneath this is a button saying, “Test Computer Audio” – click this.  
  • Click the ‘Test Speaker’ button, and follow the instructions to ensure that your speakers are working correctly.  
  • Click the ‘Test Mic’ button, and speak a few words. The sound should then be played back to you.  
  • On the left of the screen you will see the ‘Audio’ button highlighted in blue. Click the ‘Video’ button above it, and you should see your own image on screen.  
  • Close the Zoom windows down by pressing the ‘X’ in the top right corner (2 windows in total, including a confirmation that you want to leave the test meeting).
Problems during the event

If you find that the audio or video doesn’t work when you join the event, try leaving the event and re-joining it.

Click on the red ‘Leave Meeting’ button in the bottom right-hand-side of the screen, for a desktop or laptop (it might be on a different part of the screen for tablets and smartphones).  Once you have left, just re-join, entering the password - or meeting ID and password - as prompted, and the facilitator will let you back in.