Summer Appeal 2021

We have all had so much to deal with over the last 16 months and there are still challenges ahead for those facing a lymphoma diagnosis and their loved ones.

You can help us be there for them.

Sarah's story

'I was alone when I got my lymphoma diagnosis. I had to call my husband to tell him – but I didn’t have enough courage to call my kids.'

Sarah Standing sitting looking at the camera

It's been tough - I had to do it all alone.

Normally you would have someone with you, but cancer treatment during a pandemic and lockdowns has been quite different. Not to mention the extra worry of shielding. 

The support I’ve had from Lymphoma Action has been essential. My family have found the information so helpful as it’s easy to understand, clear and positive. 

My diagnosis and everything that’s happened in the last year has made my relationships that much more precious. I hope that you will choose to support this appeal to help make sure that anyone affected by lymphoma can all get trusted information and support when they need it.

Where your money goes

Here are some of the ways your donations are helping us support people affected by lymphoma during the Covid-19 pandemic.

COVID vaccine efficacy

We have been raising awareness of COVID efficacy studies for lymphoma and keeping our information up-to-date as new data becomes available. Thanks to your generosity we can continue to push for better data on how COVID vaccines work for people affected by lymphoma.

Access to medicines

By the time you read this we will have taken part in 8 NICE appraisals for new drugs. With your donation we can keep representing the patient voice so more drugs and treatments are available for lymphoma patients.

COVID-19 information

We created a new section on our website for COVID-19 and lymphoma, which covers a wide range of topics including shielding, vaccinations and personal stories. Your donation will help us ensure that people affected by lymphoma have the right information.

Support for carers

With your help we were have been able to launch new support for carers including our new book: When someone close to you has lymphoma. Your donation will mean we can develop further services specifically for those looking after someone affected by lymphoma.

Accessible information

We want to make sure our information, services and website are accessible and inclusive so that we can provide even more people with support and information when they need it most. 

New podcast

Your support helped us to launch our Lymphoma Voices podcast to share insights and conversations around topics relevant to people affected by lymphoma. Give it a listen today - including Sarah in conversation with her sister Emma Forbes. 

35 years logo on a purple background with bunting

Celebrating 35 years

2021 is a special year for Lymphoma Action as we celebrate our 35 year anniversary!

We are proud to have been making a difference for 35 years, so that nobody has to face lymphoma alone.

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