Lymphoma Voices podcast with Dr Bridget Wilkins

Pathology plays a critical role in the diagnosis and management of lymphoma. In our latest Lymphoma Voices podcast Dr Bridget Wilkins explains why.

Image of Bridget Wilkins

When lymphoma is suspected, it is the role of the pathologist to discover whether it is a lymphoma, and if so what type. There are over 60 different types of lymphoma, and identifying the correct one is essential to start on the right course of treatment.

Most people will recall having a biopsy, they will probably remember the period of time when they were waiting to hear the results of the biopsy. But few people will know what happens during that time. 

In this fascinating podcast, Bridget takes us step-by-step through this often-hidden side of lymphoma. She explains how tissue samples are prepared and how the pathologist identifies whether someone has lymphoma and the type.  

As Bridget says: ‘The right diagnosis is my job. People don’t need to be interested in it, because I will be for them. But if they are interested, I will do everything possible to share with them what I do.’ This fascinating podcast does just that!

Dr Bridget S Wilkins is a Consultant Haematopathologist at St Thomas' Hospital, London, and
Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester.