Lymphoma and COVID-19 videos

View our lymphoma and COVID-19 webinar featuring an expert panel answering your questions.

Our expert panel from the webinar

On 5 May 2020 we hosted a webinar on lymphoma and COVID-19. Our expert panel answered some of your most commonly asked questions on this topic.

Expert panel

We are very grateful to our expert panel of lymphoma specialists for giving up their time to attend the webinar:

Dr Graham Collins, Haematology Consultant, Oxford University Hospitals

Dr Wendy Osborne, Consultant Haematologist, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne

Dr Robert Marcus, Consultant Haematologist, HCA Healthcare, London 

The webinar was hosted by Stephen Scowcroft, Lymphoma Action's Director of Operations and External Affairs.

Watch the webinar

Additional videos

Our experts kindly allowed us to continue to record their answers to additional questions, following the end of the webinar.

Who should be shielding?

How long will shielding last for people with lymphoma?

What will lifting of restrictions mean for those still shielding?

What would a COVID-19 infection mean for someone with lymphoma?

Are people with lymphoma recovering from COVID-19 infections?

How can people keep well during shielding for people with lymphoma?

Services are being delivered differently now. Are there any lessons we have learnt that might continue in the future?

Important notes

These videos were recorded on Tuesday 5 May 2020, and the information they contain is relevant to the situation in the UK on this date (and information may change in the future).

The information is these videos is specific to the situation in the UK. If you are viewing these videos from outside the UK, please be aware that some of the information may not apply in your home country.

The views contained in these videos are those of the expert panel of lymphoma specialists.

For up to date information on lymphoma and COVID-19 in the UK visit our COVID-19 pages.

Blood Cancer Alliance webinar

The Blood Cancer Alliance hosted a webinar on 12 May, focusing on the COVID-19, shielding and top tips for keeping well with blood cancer during this time.