Give a Forever Flower

Support Lymphoma Action with a Forever Flower and help us continue to provide our vital services for anyone affected by lymphoma

Forever Flower in small hands

Whether you buy a Forever Flower in celebration, in memory of a loved one, or to keep for yourself, your Forever Flower can tell your own story in a unique and meaningful way. 

Each flower is different and is delicately hand crafted by award winning sculptor Paul Cox and his team of artists. The flower can be used either outside in the garden or inside the home - a unique item that will compliment any space.

  • Each flower comes with its own note card for you to write your personal message
  • Each flower is 35cm in length and made from solid steel, with a 7cm flower head 
  • The stem is bronze in colour and the petals are purple - due to the technique used the petal colour does vary and has a rough/mottled effect 
  • A single flower costs £15, plus £2.50 postage and packaging (P&P)

Every Forever Flower purchase will help us to continue to support people affected by lymphoma across the UK


If you would like to buy 5 or more Forever Flowers then please get in touch here

Each flower will come with its own gift card - please tell us why you are buying your flower so we can send you the appropriate card:
Type of card:
The long number across your card, usually has 16 digits.
Usually found on the back of the card at the end of the signature box.

Please provide the address where your payment card is registered. The flowers will be sent to this address.

We'd love to keep you updated with the latest lymphoma news, services, events, campaigns and ways you can get involved. 


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