Help the NHS help you

 If you have a health concern please don’t put it off - contact your GP.

Graphic showing the 5 symptoms of lymphoma

This week, the NHS has issued a plea to the UK public to seek medical help if they are worried that they are showing any signs or symptoms of cancer. It comes as a survey conducted by NHS England has found that nearly half of the UK public have concerns about seeking medical help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Out of the people who took part in the survey, one in ten said that they would put off booking an appointment with their GP even if they were concerned about having symptoms of cancer, such as a lump or new mole which did not go away after a week.

This week Professor Peter Johnson, the NHS national clinical director for cancer, has urged people not to hesitate to get checked, and stressed that the NHS has worked hard to make sure that people can access essential services such as cancer checks and urgent surgery safely. He said “from online consultations to the roll-out of cancer treatment hubs we are doing all we can to make sure patients receive the life-saving care that they need.”

With lymphoma being the fifth most common cancer in the UK, we also urge anyone who is concerned that they may be experiencing symptoms of lymphoma not to put off booking an appointment with their GP.

“We are all aware of how hard our amazing NHS is working to look after people with COVID-19, says Ropinder Gill, Chief Executive of Lymphoma Action. “However, they do still have the services in place for people newly affected by lymphoma, and those worried about relapse. It is so important that people don’t ignore symptoms that could be serious, especially as we know that some lymphomas can take time to diagnose accurately.”