Lymphoma Education for Nurses 2020

In 2020 we hosted two interactive webinars especially for nurses. You can watch the videos from the webinars, and additional content, below.


In 2020 keeping you connected to your colleagues has been more important than ever. So we took our educational events online! We hope you enjoy this chance to experience a taste of our annual CNS Masterclass for free, and from the convenience of your own home or workplace. 

Webinar 1: How have Clinical Nurse Specialists dealt with COVID-19?

Our first webinar was delivered by three CNS’s, who shared how they and their hospitals dealt with COVID-19. They discussed the effectiveness of telephone appointments, remote monitoring, virtual consultations and more. This video was recorded on 22 October 2020.


Webinar 2: Looking after yourself - self care strategies

Our second webinar was delivered by three CNS’s, who focused on issues around looking after yourself and self care strategies. You can download the handout mentioned in the video here. This video was recorded on 5 November 2020.

Links from the video:

Self-care videos from Helen Zehnder

Speaker biographies


Barbara von Barsewisch, Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist, North Middlesex University Hospital
Barbara has a particular interest in lymphomas and chronic leukaemias. She works with patients and their families or carers from the time of diagnosis, through the treatment phase and beyond. Barbara is particularly interested in helping all those affected to cope with, and integrate the emotional and physical impact of a cancer diagnosis. She guides patients through complicated treatment schedules, interpreting what is happening and what may be expected. By assessing their needs she is able to guide them along the often complicated paths of the health system. As almost all treatment is given in the ambulatory setting, Barbara is a stable point of contact for patients and their families whilst they are out of hospital and need advice.



Charlotte Bloodworth, Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) for Lymphoma, University Hospital of Wales
Charlotte qualified as a nurse in 1995 in Nottingham University. She gained her grounding in basic nursing skills working in elderly acute medicine, community nursing, stroke rehabilitation and in a community assessment role. In 2003, she moved to Wales and started her career in Haematology nursing, working on the haematology ward, the bone marrow transplant unit and the day unit. In 2009, Charlotte became the Lymphoma Clinical Nurse Specialist and then in 2017 became an Advanced Nurse Practitioner for Lymphoma. In this role she runs the follow up and discharge clinic for curative lymphomas, she has created and leads the pre-chemotherapy assessment and off site nurse-led chemotherapy service for Lymphoma patients and runs the low grade lymphoma clinic with one of the Consultants. Charlotte believes in the empowerment of nurses to make a real difference to services and improve patient care.



Sarah Wells, Lymphoma Clinical Nurse Specialist, The Christie
Sarah became a trustee of Lymphoma Action in June 2019. She gained her degree in nursing in 2001 and in 2016 became the lymphoma clinical nurse specialist at the Christie which has become the super-regional centre for cutaneous lymphoma and primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL). Sarah is the keyworker for all lymphoma patients, leading a bone marrow biopsy service, supporting the implementation of Holistic Needs Assessments within the trust, and has just completed her non-medical prescribing course. Having a close family member diagnosed with lymphoma many years ago, Sarah is aware of the support needed by patients, their families and carers. As a result she has had worked with Lymphoma Action over a number of years, including attending support groups, being a panellist at our National Conference and supporting Live your life workshops. Sarah lives in Stockport with her husband and 2 young daughters.



Helen Zehnder
Helen is a solution-based Hypnotherapist, and gained her Diploma in Hypnotherapy Psychology at the Clifton Practice, Bristol. She is registered with a number of professional bodies and works within their ethical codes of practice. Helen works with the Hospital Hypnotherapy service within the Haematology department of University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. She supports individuals with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, who are experiencing anticipatory nausea and vomiting, needle phobia and treatment-related anxiety.


Self-care videos

Introduction - In this video Helen explains how our brains work, the importance of self-care, and how strategies can help you to find the time, and space, to practice this important skill.


Rectangular breathing - In this video Helen shows an example of a relaxation technique called Rectangular breathing, and explains how it can be beneficial.


Relaxation session - In this video, Helen takes you through a guided relaxation session. The video is around 16 minutes long, and we would encourage you to find a quiet place – where you won’t be disturbed – to make the most of this session.


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